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Tips to Get Stylish on Your Home

Interior designer Leslie Price has a passion for designing light-filled, open spaces that are influenced by nature. For the San Francisco designer, that’s not hard when the homes she designs are surrounded by the beautiful, natural splendor of California. It’s nature, and the environment of the Pacific Rim that inspired this project – the design of an East Bay home located in Moraga, California. With a focus on global elements, and bringing together a melange of Asian cultures, this Bay Area home is a celebration of color, art, and textiles that can be found in some of the most beautiful countries in the world.
Price has found a way to mix these classics with flea market finds and works from local designers, like wallpaper from San Francisco-based company, Hygge & West, that brings the color of rain to the home’s entryway.

Classic Asian Furnishings

Beyond the entryway, you enter a spacious open plan living room that features a rich mix of contemporary styles and antique furnishings. East meets west as classic European chairs and sofas are placed among antique Chinese chests and tables. The combination creates a warm and textured environment where each element has a unique story to tell.

Sculptural Details

A look at the living room, and the eye is drawn to this home’s vast collection of art and antiques. Behind the sofa, golden sculptures add a glow. On the dining room wall, an abstract painting grounds the color palette. And on the mantel, accessories like the jade-hued dragon complement the home’s Asian aesthetic. In addition to the art on the walls and shelving, this home also has a vast collection of vintage rugs and textiles.

On the mohair sofa, a silk bolster reflects the the room’s color palette of red, yellow and brown. While on the floor, an antique rug continues the color story.

Mid-Century Modern Pieces

In the dining room, a blend of mid-century modern furnishings are featured among pieces that have a strong cultural heritage. The vibrant rug beneath the dining table had once been selected by Frank Lloyd Wright for a client’s home. It’s the perfect piece, a match the size and scale of the dining room table. Atop the table, vintage vases and vessels from China add to the home’s aesthetic. Surrounded by art, this dining room is a trove of beautiful pieces that make up the homeowner’s vast collection of antiques.

Woven Metal Details
The Pacific Rim Meets The Bay Area In This Stylish Home
As the adage goes, design is in the details, and Price has brought a number of detail-oriented pieces home in this interior. Above the dining table, a sculptural, woven metal chandelier makes a modern impact. The golden hue is reflective of many of the gold and bronze sculptures on display in the home. While the woven design is a reflection of many of the natural elements in this interior, from the wood built-ins, to the rattan furnishings in the living room.

Colorful Textiles

One of the most vibrant spaces in this home has been designed with entertaining in mind. Rich turquoise and fuchsia hues can be found in the cushions atop the day bed, that’s perfect for when guests stay over. A mix of silk pillows and a colorful Hmong throw pillow add vibrance to the space. The bright hues are reflected in the colorful vignette on top of an antique cabinet, where guests can store clothing and other items.

To complete the vibrant color palette, a pair of red, vintage foo dog book ends add the perfect pop of color.

The Pacific Rim Meets The Bay Area In This Stylish Home
With a mix of cultural artifacts, gleaming modern pieces, and abstract art, this home designed by Price is truly one-of-a-kind. Her goal is always to create a artful, livable spaces. And this home has all of that and more. Bringing various cultures together, this East Bay interior is filled with beautiful art and furnishings inspired by Asian culture, along with cozy pieces that are an absolute necessity for California living.

How to find Eclectic citizenM in London

images-28When we make our way to a hotel, no matter whether we’re traveling for business, a family vacation or just getting away all on our own, we’re looking for more than a place to shower and sleep. We’re after an experience, something that we can take home with us – something we can look forward to having again. And while there are scores of hotels to be found, there are few that truly focus on delivering the type of unique staying experience that can rival any other attraction we might find while traveling – and providing it in some of the most exciting cities in the world.
citizenM is a Netherlands-based company with an eye towards servicing a new kind of traveler. Dubbed Mobile Citizens by the fashion-forward hospitality brand, these are adventurers of all stripes, businesspeople, galavanters and free spirits of every kind. The chain’s offer to it’s customers is very straight forward: affordable luxury in an amazing city, in a space so stunningly curated that it borders on the surreal.

With hotels across the Netherlands and France as well as one in the heart of Times Square in New York City, citizenM is doing itself one better, unveiling the new and indescribably beautiful Tower of London location that will serve as the new flagship hotel of the brand.

A Look Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

Upon entering the hotel, Mobile Ciizen’s are greeted by a variety of gorgeously decorated areas and vignettes. Long before reaching the rooms the experience begins with a variety of sights and sounds designed specifically for the space by some of the world’s most innovative design companies. One particular standout is the Kinetic Lights installation by Studio Drift. The Netherlands-based company specializing in interactive light sculptures created a series of covered lamps, shaped like flowers, that float continually up and down between the eight floors of the hotel, seemingly by magic.

A Look Inside The Eclectic citizenM Tower of London

Beautifully designed public areas draw together the best in modern design along with a celebration of the history, culture and symbology of the city. The hotel, which is located on Tower Hill, adjacent to the Tower of London and across the river from Shakespeare’s historic Globe Theatre, boasts an electrifying assortment of eclectic furnishings reflecting the global nature of both the company and it’s intended customer.

Tips to find sweet home in melbourne

Cute, colorful and absolutely feminine, dessert designer Caroline Khoo is pushing the boundaries of the confectionery arts. The owner of Melbourne’s Nectar and Stone, Khoo is known around the globe for her sweet treats that look more like pieces of art than pieces of cake. As a renowned designer of tarts, cakes, chocolates and more, it’s no wonder that this amazing confectioner has also designed a beautiful home for herself and her family in Melbourne, Australia.

Floral Accents

Sharing Khoo’s fashionable abode is her husband, Nicholas, and her two young boys, Isaiah and Dimitri. While the boys may outnumber mom three to one, Khoo has been able to design a home that reflects the same sweet, feminine aesthetic found in her desserts. The living room sofa is a shining example of Khoo’s aesthetic. On a sectional that’s big enough for the entire family to enjoy, a layered display of pillows has been added to bring color and texture to the space.

A little bit of floral has been added to the mix with a striking cushion in a vibrant mix of hues that certainly stands out among the neutral furnishings.

Pretty In Pink Details

This family home is filled with a number of pretty vignettes. Collected pieces are displayed artfully, making it clear that each piece, whether perched on a shelf, or sitting on a table, has meaning. On the shelf above the sofa, a pale pink pitcher, ring bowls and small stacks of books all add to the aesthetic accompanied by a few romantic items, including an antique clock and dried roses. But the crown jewel of the space is a painting her sister purchased years ago while traveling to Cuba.

The piece is one of Khoo’s absolute favorites; the man playing a drum is a constant reminder for the confectioner to enjoy life.

Curated Shelving

In this family home, the art of display is showcased in every room. In the hallway, wall-to-wall shelves have been installed to allow for adequate storage. Among the rows of white shelving, papers and books have been carefully placed alongside more fashionable items like a Louis Vuitton purse and a stunning pair of red loafers. It’s a great idea that effectively lets her storage serves as decor as well.

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Sweet-Looking Storage
A Sweet Family Home In Melbourne – Aimee Jones Photography
Photo Credit: Aimee Jones Photography
Just like her desserts, the items on Khoo’s shelves have been color coordinated to form a pastel color palette of pink and orange. Instead of trying to arrange a bookshelf according to color, Khoo has wrapped in her books in covers that reflect her preferred color palette while color coordinated binders keep things well organized and looking good. As a finishing touch, contemporary pieces like a camera, purse and a few stylish boxes have been used to inject just a little bit of black among the sweet shades.

A Home Office Nook

Making the most of every space in her home, Khoo has carved out an additional area in her home office, that is perfect for painting and sketching new ideas. The small nook is home to a floating desk which has its own shelving for even more storage. The white furnishings in the office provide a crisp backdrop for pens, paint, and other items that support Khoo’s creative endeavors.

Office Vignettes

Just like in the living room, the office also features a number of styled vignettes. Here, small pieces of pottery, vessels and a classic desk lamp are the perfect accessories to keep Khoo’s workspace bright and inspiring.