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Dream Home Comes True With Simple Way

Located in picturesque Vail, Colorado, is a stunning vacation retreat by New York interior designer, Alan Tanksley. Known for creating warm and approachable environments, Tanksley has designed this Colorado home in stark contrast to typical mountain retreats in the area. Among brush and soaring trees, rustic design has been abandoned for a contemporary home that marries clean lines, beautiful wood paneling and tonal design that has resulted in this  one-of-a-kind home.

Minimalist Style

A study in the beauty of minimalist design, inspiration for the interior came from the work of sculptor, Donald Judd. Known for his sculptures and installations constructed out of industrial materials such as Plexiglas and concrete, Judd’s work emphasized the purity of the objects. The homeowners, fans of Judd’s work, have two of his desks in the space. Their design is echoed throughout the rest of the furnishings in the home, which are examples of the purity and shapes that the artist was known for.

A Statement Mantel

It’s the scale of this space that immediately captures your attention. With towering ceilings, and statement pieces like an oversized mantel in the living room, Tanksley worked in collaboration with architect James Dayton to bring in an array of textures and furnishings that would match the large scale and bring warmth to the interior. Pieces from companies known for their fine craftsmanship, like A. Rudin, Holly Hunt and Cliff Young fit this home perfectly.

Decadent Dining

Tanksley, who loves to create destinations within interiors, designing rooms fit for large conversations, engaging groups or time alone, has included a dining table that easily seats ten. It’s fit for hosting large dinners with family and friends who are visiting. The space, which looks out on beautiful pine trees, is simply anchored by a large piece of 20th century art and a canopy of lights overhead.

A Contemporary Office

The office is home to one of the sculptural desks by American artist, Donald Judd. His work, which was known to be installed in the interiors he designed, served as inspiration for Tanksley. The minimalist design of the office leaves room for the craftsmanship and artisanship of Judd’s work to truly shine. A floor-to-ceiling window brings the outdoors in. A wonderful moment in this home, where natural elements like trees and a stream blend seamlessly with the calm interior environment.

Modern Elements In The Kitchen

In the kitchen, a mix of wood and steel adds a modern feel to the space. Streamlined cabinetry leaves things feeling contemporary and refined. Blonde wood is a nice touch, allowing the kitchen to feel open and spacious in this mountain retreat.

Christmass Decor Tips

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, interior designers Michael Violante and Paul Rochford are the owners of Violante & Rochford Interiors, a design company known for creating unique living environments. One of their most recent projects is a family home in a historic area of Santa Fe, filled to the brim with color, pattern and a whimsical mix of styles.

“We want to help create a home that is unique to the individual.

Not having a formula for any one project – each is a one of a kind place – specific to the tastes and needs of the people we often have the good fortune to not only call clients – but good friends.”

They accomplished all this and more in this chic home for a family of four, and one very large pup, bringing in a mix of family treasures, modern art and New Mexican pieces that celebrate Santa Fe style. And lots of color too, where rooms, like this living room, are awash in soft shades of purple, lilac and eggplant, breathing an air of fun into this sophisticated interior.

Vintage Treasures

The decor of this home is a mix of periods, styles and locales, something that Violante & Rochford is known for. In the hallway, an antique chest sits beneath an abstract impressionist painting by New York artist, Emily Mason. The mix of the antique and contemporary has been seamlessly brought together by the designers, anchored by the clean lines and spacious environment of the interior.

Modern Art

Art can inspire an entire room’s color palette. In the dining room, another work by Emily Mason presents a striking field of colors. Accessories like the hot pink table lamp on the buffet reflect the magenta hue found in the artwork.

A Stunning Dining Room

The dining room also includes a mix of styles. To celebrate the English heritage of one of the homeowner’s, an English chandelier was installed over the dining table. The room’s color story continues beyond the hot pink table lamp, to beige and pink plaid upholstery on the dining chairs. A fun and unexpected mix of color and pattern in the perfect space for entertaining.

Family-Friendly Style

The interior is also home to two young girls, making the need for family-friendly design elements a must. The designers worked to ensure that the design was stylish, chic and sophisticated, yet casual enough for little one’s to enjoy the space as well.

In this family room, bright shades of turquoise and green have been brought in to add a burst of color. The mix of playful shades and patterns adds a fun vibe to the space, with the colors repeated in the art on the wall.

A patterned mix has been seamlessly woven into the decor of this home. A range of ikat, striped and block print patterns can be discovered in the living areas as well as the bedrooms of the home. In the seating area by the kitchen, a side chair upholstered in a brown and beige ikat pattern makes a striking statement.

The kitchen is home to a great mix of modern details. From the marble countertop, stone backsplash, and stainless steel stools, these pieces are perfect for accentuating the designer details in this Santa Fe new-build.

Pops Of Red

To continue the home’s vibrant color story, a pair of Risom Lounge Chairs have been used to add a bright pop of color with the red webbing.

Cozy Seating Areas

The colorful seating area continues with a love seat punctuated by red cushions to complete the color story.

California Design Tips

Brooklyn-based interior design firm, Sheep + Stone, is known for designing cool and collected interiors with modern, classic style. The boutique firm’s principal, Sheena Murphy, is known for her aesthetic that blends the sophistication of English style (where Sheena hails from) with New York’s industrial aesthetic, for a fresh and clean look. One of her latest projects blends the two worlds in a beautiful family home in Los Angeles.

 Architectural Details

The 2,400 square foot interior was designed with the architecture in mind. “The architecture of the home was notable in that it was renovated almost 100 years after it was originally built, yet it feels perfectly harmonious in style. We tried to embrace the period features and industrial elements with the modern tendencies of the clients to create a home that felt authentic, comfortable and current,” says Murphy.

 Modern Touches

While the design fits seamlessly into the home’s original features, there are also modern elements that set it comfortably in the 21st Century. In the living room, a blue velvet sofapunctuates the space. The colorful piece of furniture is brought down to earth with a mix of wood and metallic finishes that blends with the interior’s natural surroundings.


A Study In Neutrals

The dining room is a study in neutrals, with a mix of black and wood-tone furnishings, and a warm shade of white on the walls. As Murphy explains, “The palette was mostly neutral to create a timeless feel, we mixed periods, wood and metals to keep things interesting and layered. This helped us not to become too much of any one thing and to create a home that felt inviting and collected rather than contrived and deliberately designed.”

Period Touches

The mix of periods is evident throughout the interior.  In this dining room bentwood chairs surround a mid-century modern dining table. Above, a modern chandelier adds ambiance to the dining room. The mix of styles is anchored by the home’s neutral base.


Brooklyn Roots

Before moving to Los Angeles, the homeowners spent seven years in Brooklyn. They wanted their interior to also reflect the style of the borough that they used to call home. “We took cues from the local landscape and design history, and blended that inspiration with nods to Brooklyn in the form of artwork, locally made pieces, and materials which felt synonymous with New York,” remarks Murphy on the Brooklyn influence.

 You can see hints of Brooklyn style in this living area where modern and industrials elements come together in the furnishings. And the artisanship that Brooklyn is known for appears in the reclaimed wood credenza.