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Top ideas for living room


Have you ever looked at a room and thought, “Wow! How did they do that?” We understand that question (we ask it all the time). And just as we love sharing inspirational images and interior design trends with you every week, we’re always on the lookout for ways to give you a little something more. Composition is a breakdown of our favorite interiors, the pieces that hold them together and why they work so well.

The best rooms are made up of a perfect blend of elements – color, pattern, original art and global objects – but that’s just the beginning.

This Scandinavian home shot by interiors photographer, Jonas Ingerstedt, caught my attention this week for the Composition post. The open-plan living room and dining area has the perfect mix of modern, global and artsy elements that make Scandinavian interiors so beautiful. What’s also unique about this living space is how absolutely comfortable it is. With cool kid elements dotting the living room environment, I’m thrilled to dive into what makes this living space work so well.

When decorating a living room with stark white walls, it’s important to inject some personality. Art is one of the best ways to do that because each piece so clearly projects a point of view.Gallery walls maximize both space and impact by putting pieces together for a room-defining statement. The homeowners of this space inject their personal style with a range of cool accessories, and a stunning black and white gallery wall that takes center stage in the space.

The photography has been simply framed in black and wood-tone frames that keep the look cool and minimal. The frames are a perfect complement to the other streamlined black pieces in the space including the mid-century modern sofa. On the other walls of the living room, art continues to inject personality with a well-formed personal collection that is the wall decor this space needs.

Strategic Pops of Color

The decor in this living room and dining area is a well-executed example of a modern, minimalist style, complete with white walls and sleek furnishings. To take the room’s decor up a notch, bright pops of color have been added throughout. Red, persimmon and tangerine are all present in the space, and the bright hues add a wonderful amount of much-needed warmth. The dining area features persimmon Eames chairs around the dining table for a strong pop of color while using art to bring the color story together.

These warm red tones continue throughout the space in the cushions on the sofa, additional wall art, and the vibrant red rug that brings the open-plan living area together.

Global Elements

An overdyed Turkish rug is the ideal global piece in this modern living room. The dark, crimson rug brings the entire space together, unifying the warm, red color palette that runs through both the living room and dining area. The rattan side chairs and a crisp, white pouf also add a global flair to the space. This space is a perfect example of how a cultural touch can go a long way in improving the look and feel of a room.

The global pieces add texture, warmth and a little personality to the interior, moving it from a plain, white box, to a well-traveled and beautifully sophisticated living area.


How to choose suitable color for home living

Jeff Andrews knows how to make a house feel like a home. The designer, whose client list ranges from Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting to Kourtney Kardashian, is one of the most sought after celebrity interior designers in LA, designing homes with that special blend of luxurious elegance and warmth. It’s that aesthetic that Andrews brings to each project, including this fabulous Beverly Hills home. Having worked with client on a few homes over the last decade, this was a special project for this celebrity designer.

The interior is an ode to colorful SoCal living, infused with hues of yellow, purple and a forest green that run through each room. It’s the mix of vibrant hues and Andrews unmistakeable mastery of the metallic mix that makes this Beverly Hills pad really shine.

Each room in this Los Angeles home feels so warm and inviting. The living room is home to a vibrant mix of shades, including mimosa, citron green and touches of gold. Our favorite statement piece in this living room – a wall of gold starburst mirrors that adds to the springtime feel of this interior.

The Perfect Nook

Forest green chairs extend the color story in this picture-perfect living room. The cozy side chairs create a reading nook for guests to sit and relax in front of the fireplace.


Dine In Color

Andrews has imprinted each room in this home with a unique color palette all its own. In thedining room, a deep shade of eggplant becomes the perfect backdrop to family dinners at a table that easily seats 10.


Family-Friendly Dining

Keeping things family-friendly, cozy banquet seating has been installed. And we love the upholstered chairs that have a beautiful suzani pattern. For a little slice of nature, green accessories have been brought into to the chic dining space.


An Open-Plan Kitchen

In this large and airy kitchen, you can imagine the entire family getting together to cook a favorite meal. The space is punctuated by two beautiful chandeliers over a crisp, white marble island. The open-plan space is perfect for family gatherings as it leads directly into the home’s media room.


Kitchen Details

Among the white cabinetry, a beautiful marble backsplash continues in the kitchen. Andrews, who creates color stories so beautifully, finds unique ways to bring color to each space. Here, the shade in the kitchen brings together a soft color palette of gray and blue.


A Sophisticated Media Room

The media room in shades of brown is perfect for entertaining. Large, oversized modular seating makes this the spot for channel surfing and watching a favorite movie.

Lets choos the graet of Chicago Penthouse

Interior designer Chad James, principle of the Chad James Group, has an eye for detail. The designer, whose firm focuses on architecture and interior design, is known for his meticulous attention to detail in a space, whether it be a residential interior or an iconic restaurant. And it’s the details that will truly take your breath away in this Chicago penthouse. Located near Lake Michigan, with views of the city skyline, the design of this family apartment was inspired by Chicago’s unique blend of skyscrapers and natural beauty.

It was the “golden hour” that inspired James for the design of this space. That moment when the sun sets in Chicago, and a palette of gold, steel gray and blue seems to emanate from the city’s surrounding buildings and the lake. That palette makes an appearance throughout this interior, with gold and blue textiles, art and a mix of steely gray accessories.

It was the “golden hour” that inspired James for the design of this space. That moment when the sun sets in Chicago, and a palette of gold, steel gray and blue seems to emanate from the city’s surrounding buildings and the lake. That palette makes an appearance throughout this interior, with gold and blue textiles, art and a mix of steely gray accessories.

Chicago Chic
Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck.

This penthouse apartment exudes cool. Art is used to marry the unique color palette, and pieces like a book of photographs featuring our modern day James Bond add a touch of effortless chic to the interior.


A Masculine and Feminine Mix

Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck.

For James, the marrying of masculine and feminine elements in the space was important. Instead of looking at the two as contrasting styles, James focused on bringing in strong furniture featuring bold lines, and complementing those pieces with soft cushions, and delicately crafted lighting to create a sense of balance in the space.

Dining With A View

It seems like every room in this chic home comes with a view of the city. In the dining room, the view and the interior become one. Cream dining chairs and an upholstered banquette are a reflection of the neutrals that make up much of the cityscape.

A Cozy Nook

A cozy dining nook that seats six is flanked by unique pieces of art. Dominated by shades of blue, the painting over the dining table is a nod to the beauty of the Great Lake that borders the city.

Kitchen Glamour

The kitchen is an ode to glamour with a mix of stainless steel appliances and matte black lighting that we can’t get enough of in this thoroughly modern space.